Your Flexible Storage Solution

What is Self-Storage?

Self-Storage is the simple solution to never ending problem of finding secure, flexible storage space with no long-term commitment. No matter whether you are a domestic or business customer Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd will provide you with a secure, accessible, affordable self-storage room within one of our purpose-built self-storage centres. Flexible storage spaces at affordable prices Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd provides a user friendly and cost-effective way to store anything you haven’t got room for. You only pay for the space you need so you don’t have to use a unit the size of a garage if you only need to store a couple of packing cases.

Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd offer :

Full spaces to suit your individual needs from a small locker to a large garage. Storage units available for as long as you need. A high level of security. Each Self-storage unit is individually alarmed. Privacy. You are the only key holder to your individual unit. Perfect for domestic or business use. Documents, office furniture, display or exhibition equipment, bulky stationery and supplies, business stock. Electrical equipment, furniture, sports equipment, garden furniture, seasonal clothes, baby equipment, children’s toys etc. Storage for almost anything.

Size Estimator

Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd storage rooms are designed to offer you flexible storage space: you only pay for the space you need. These size estimates are for guidance purposes only. Please visit your Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd facility and talk to our trained staff to ensure that you do not pay for any more space than you require.

What size storage room do you need?

1 Bedroom house/flat 50 sq ft

2 Bedroom house/flat 100 sq ft

3 Bedroom house/flat 150 sq ft

4 + Bedroom 150 – 250 sq ft

Single car garage 100 sq ft

Two car garage 150 sq ft

Transit van 50 sq ft

Transit Luton van up to 100 sq ft

Small removal HGV 150 sq ft

Large removal HGV 150 – 25 sq ft

Business Storage. Think of Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd as an extension of your business State of the art access control – insurance approved 24 hour CCTV – insurance approved 24 hour alarm system – one for the building and one for each individual unit centrally monitored 24 hours a day/365 days of the year – insurance approved. Wide, well-lit corridors for easy manoeuvring, safety and convenience Smoke and fire detection – insurance approved Unlimited free access to your business unit 24 hours a days a week Trolleys and pallet trucks available for use, free of charge Forklift and trained operator to load/unload larger items, free of charge Packing supplies an archive boxes self-storage units available immediately single weekly storage charge includes unlimited access, utilities, security, rates, use of handling equipment etc. There are no hidden extras We offer – competitive insurance cover if you are not covered by your existing insurance policies

Business Use Excess Stock – Seasonal Stock – Office equipment – Archive records – Business documents – Exhibition equipment – Printed materials – Business stock – machinery – display equipment – Point of sale merchandise – Prototypes/patterns – tools – Office furniture – Free up retail space – free up manufacturing space – Spare parts – computer equipment and many more

Domestic Storage Think of Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd as an extension of your home

What can I store? Almost anything, furniture, personal effects, books, appliances, gardening equipment, files, seasonal clothing, electrical and sports equipment, garden furniture, tools

Will my belongings be safe? Yes.  The Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd facility near you has state of the art access control. You are the only key holder to your personal storage room.

What is included in the price? Your weekly rental covers everything from heating, security, rates, of handling equipment and unlimited access during extensive opening hours.

How long do I have to store for? There is no minimum period. For as long as you live and remove your possessions whenever you require.

How do I rent a self-storage room? Simply visit your Stone Key (Blackburn) Ltd facility where our friendly trained staff will help you choose the size of the storage room required. Sign the same day and move your possessions in at your convenience. Packing supplies Boxes – Tape – Padlocks – Bubble wrap – Suite covers